Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diaper cakes....my first shot at it!

I love when I go to baby showers and someone has made a cute little diaper cake for a centerpiece.  I have thrown several baby showers in the past, but I am not sure why I have never made one before.  My cousin Jeff and his wife Laura welcomed their first little baby boy Ryker, on September 1, 2011...easy date to remember huh?!:)  We threw them a family baby shower, therefore I had an excuse to try my hand at making my first ever diaper cake....and boy did it turn out cute...ok...only my opinion...but what do you think?  Jocelyn was a huge help with rolling the diapers and assembling it altogether.  We rolled up onesies to add a little excitement to the diaper cake.  We also used a bottle and a round thing of wipes to help form our tower.

Having fun rolling diapers!
Helping assemble the first tier.

The 2nd tier
and we have a diaper cake....but something was missing....
Why not make curly ribbons?  Yes that is what was missing!

And whoola...a diaper cake and cupcakes to match!

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