Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My little guy and his alphabet!

I sometimes get so busy with my girls' school work and forget about my little guy Easton.  Good thing he can talk...because he reminds me every day that we have to do school with him...we haven't done much...except work on his letters.  I hope he continues his enthusiasm for learning when we get into more complicated things.  I really, really hope he is like his daddy...who is a walking encyclopedia...seriously.  Love them both! 

Anyways, for some odd reason I was holding my phone while we were working on his letters and he asked me to take a video so he could see here is our best shot!  He loves watching my videos on my phone...and calling people...sorry if you have been one of those lucky recipients (Reece, Megan, Angie, and others that I haven't noticed::))

Isn't he cute?  I think so:)  Weston was trying to that is why I was throwing the cards at him in the end:)  Enjoy!

and as I was getting ready to publish this...I remembered I had my sweet Katelyn on video when she was that age!

***I am sure only my parents care about this post, but I thought I would post anyways***

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