Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50 States Postcard Exchange!

The girls received the following postcard in the mail: 
They some how recognized what state this postcard came from "Hawaii" and were thrilled beyond belief that Bethany Hamilton, you know the gal that the movie Soul Surfer was based on...the one who lost her arm to a shark while surfing.  It actually is a good movie, despite the shark attack...she is a believer...a homeschooler...and a world class surfer girl...my girls are obsessed with her...and can't wait to meet her someday...there is no "if" they will meet her...they say "when" they will meet her.

Anyways, back to the postcard...we received this in the mail and they assumed it was from her.  Apparently she knows us??  Hmmm.  I had to break their little hearts and say, no it is from another homeschooling family just like ours.  They reminded me, that Bethany was in fact a homeschooler just like them, and since no one signed the postcard, we can just pretend it was from her...so we are going with that right now (even though I have a list of names and I confirmed this was not from the Hamilton family).

So why did we receive this postcard from Hawaii you might ask, when we live a million miles (or minutes) away from Hawaii?  We are taking part in a postcard exchange with 49 other families in conjunction with the blog:  Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Each family received a list of addresses and then were responsible for sending out postcards from their home state.  We had to research some fun facts about our home state and put them on the postcard.  I have all of our postcards ready to send out in a few weeks and so far we have received a few in the mail.  Some families are sending out of order and some haven't sent them at all, so hopefully by the end of the school semester we will have collected all 50 states!  I am really excited...and the kids are too...but I think I am a little more!:)

So stay tuned...hopefully when May rolls around I will write a post featuring all 50 postcards!!

Here is what we have so far...and as we receive them the girls find the state on their map and color it in.

So far we have postcards from Kansas, California, New Hampshire, Indiana, Colorado, Maine & Hawaii

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  1. How did this work for you? I was thinking of doing this with my boys this summer. Do you have any helpful tips? Thanks!