Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on my mom...week 3 1/2

It has been 3 1/2 weeks since my mom had her stroke.  Here is a little update on this past week...

She is back at the gym working out a little bit.  She goes with my dad and has tried out a few classes.  Her first one being circuit training where she had to follow quiet a few directions from the teacher....since she can't really was a difficult class...hopefully she will find a class that she can just work at her own pace.  If there is anyone that would like to pick her up to go mall walking before the mall opens, give her a call.  She is a little nervous about running into people, but she has a walking stick and if she is with someone they can help her out.

A gal came to their house to give them ideas of how to adapt to the community around her.  Since my mom has worked with special needs people for quiet some time now, a lot of the information was not new to her.  Some perks on not being able to see.....she does not have to wait until 65 to get discounts at certain places!! Woo hoo!!  She now has a handicap hang more parking far away at the gym and other places and she can now get into all of the federal parks for free!!! Such a perk.  Do you sense my sarcasm.  I would rather have eyesight...than a few perks...but anyways...she will be meeting with this gal at the end of the month at a location that is not familiar to my mom and will be teaching her how to use her walking stick properly.

They also met with the eye specialist I told you about last week and had a 3 hour consultation with him. I was hoping that he would have her signed up with eye restoration therapy...a super expensive treatment that insurance doesn't cover...but he said he wouldn't recommend anything right now.  He said her stroke was pretty big and there is still blood behind her right eye.  He wants to meet with her in 3 months to see if there are any improvements.  It will just take time.  He said that she has no depth or peripheral perception, but has a pretty good field of vision straight on....even though it is just a blur.  They bought some prisms to put on her glasses to help with this field of we will see if that works.   

Other things...we spent a few days in Omaha this week.  She made homemade waffles with the kids.  She can't really measure things very well...obviously...but did a good job trying.  No big deal that between her and Jocelyn the vegetable oil spilled everywhere...and I was lucky enough to be the cleaner upper you know how messy veggie oil is to clean up?  Not fun.  Not much else to report on my mom...that is all for now...just pray the bleed on her brain completely heals and she will be able to see again!!

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