Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012!

We did  a few things this year leading up to Valentines Day!  Here is a little recap in picture form of some of our activities!  The big party was supposed to be yesterday, but was postponed until Friday so I will have to post more pictures at another time!  Enjoy!
My first try with fondant...I made strawberry flavored roses and hearts for some cupcakes!

The kiddos helping out as usual!
We made chocolate covered strawberries one morning...with sprinkles of course...because according to my kids sprinkles make everything better!
I painted the side of the kids' hands and they formed hearts.  We sent these out to a few family members!

and then the kids made cards for Sean using paint and toilet paper rolls!
Tortilla baked hearts with powdered sugar...and of course sprinkles!

and then Sean surprised me with a dozen roses...such a sweetheart!

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