Friday, February 3, 2012

Little update on my mom....

My mom with Weston
 My mom had a few appointments this week.  She met with her family Dr. and he said her blood pressure is a bit too high still.  So hopefully the medication she is taking will help with that.  

She also had a appointment with her eye Dr.  He didn't notice any changes in her eye, except for the pucker that has been on her right eye for a while now.  Her retina might blow some day...or it might not.   There is no telling what will happen.  That is the eye right now that she can see a little blur out of.  She still can't see out of her left at all.  He recommended waiting to see what came back on the catscan next Thursday before recommending therapies.  He also mentioned that UNMC has a new eye institute of some sort, that might be able to help with retraining her brain to see.  He did mention that usually they retrain your brain to see with what little vision you already have...since she doesn't really have any vision...there is no telling what they would do, but it doesn't hurt to at least try. 

Other things that she is up to:  She picked up a white walking stick, so when she is out and about...people will know to steer clear.  She used this walking stick to walk in the park behind their house.  She is getting around more and gave me a list (over the phone) of things she wanted to do yet including cutting vegetables...I told her that was not a wise idea at all...and reminded her that my sister is there to help. 

She was able to visit her students yesterday.  She explained to them what was going on and told them now she has a disability just like them (she teaching young adults with disabilities ages 18-21).  I think she has realized that she will not be making a return to work during this school year.  She thinks she has a decent sub to take over for her.  The kids seem to like that is reassuring for her.

These Dr. appointments have kept her busy over the past few days...but she has commented on how she is worried that she will get bored soon.  Sean and I have been fighting various things over this past week, so hopefully once we are well, we will return to Omaha...and hopefully we don't get too much snow...I don't drive in snow. 

Last parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary yesterday!  Yay!!

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I hope all is well today. :)