Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kids say the funniest things!

I have read a few blog posts on the funny things that kids say and do.  Some write everything down…some write them on facebook.   I started writing a few things down that my kids have said…that I thought were kind of funny! (disclaimer…you may not think they are funny…)  Oh and I noticed as they get older they just don’t say very many funny things anymore…so I have no quotes from Jocelyn…most are from Easton.


Easton (will be 3 next month!!)
"I can’t pull my pants down (to go to the bathroom) because they are locked."

On Monday, Easton had me zipper up his bag that he packed full of cars for church.  I asked him if he thought we were going to church today and he said “yes.”  I said we were not and asked him why he thought we were going…he said “because we got dressed this morning.”  Yikes!

Easton asked me for another snack, right after he just had one.  I told him he could not because he just had one.  He pleaded with me, saying he forgot.  Apparently he has a REALLY bad short term memory. 
He also asked me for another drink of milk…and I said…”wow where did that first glass of milk go…you drank it so fast.”  He held up his arm and told me it went down his arm to his fingers.  

And that the last thing that pops into my head for this little guy…

I asked him to come back to the table because he forgot to take care of things…he told me he was too busy.  Apparently he has a lot going on in his little life.

Katelyn (4 1/2 years old)
 “Thank you mom for letting me empty your bathroom trash!  Can I empty the laundry room one now!
  “ My response—but of course and while your at it…do your bathroom.:)

"Mom I am going to marry Justin Beiber."  My response..."um no you are not."  Ok...not very funny.

"I found 2 pennies mom, I am going to save these so I can someday go to Disney World."  She has a lot of saving to do if that is all she has!

Weston (15 months)

He can’t really say much, but his actions are cute….

When Sean was out of town, I asked Weston if he could tell his daddy night night over the phone and give him a kiss.  He made some kissing noises and then walked away smacking his bottom with his hand….I translated that into “Kiss my butt.”  Ok…so not appropriate…but was kind of funny.

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