Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old games with new twists!

I have been trying to think of fun things to do with the kids to help them learn their spelling words, instead of just reading in their Hooked on Phonics books.  Here are a few ideas that have made the girls just a wee bit excited:) 

Reading words Twister:
I made up flashcards with mostly Katelyn's words and put them on each circle.  Then I spinned at they had to select a word that was closest to whatever limb they were about to move.  If they could read it, they were allowed to move.  The girls had never played Twister before...but enjoyed the Twist!

And there is my little boy...bull dozing words away from the game board:)  Gotta love him!
Minute to Win It Reading!:

We played quiet a few Minute to Win It related games last year...but haven't so much this I thought we would bring the game back.  I wrote out reading words on flashcards, formed  a circle with them. I called out one word at a time and they had one minute to grab as many words as they could. 

Yes they are still in their jammies..we usually get dressed at around 2pm ish if we have no where to go...:)

Katelyn got overwhelmed with spinning in a circle to find the words, so after a few rounds we just put them on the ottoman and it seemed to work a little better for her.

Stay tuned!  Two more games coming tomorrow!!

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