Friday, February 24, 2012

Old games with new twists: part 2!

Yesterday I wrote a post about how we took two games and put an educational twist on them:  Twister & Minute to Win It!

There are lots of games that we in our game cupboard that I am finding that can also be changed into being more challenging: Chutes and Ladders & Candyland.

Before we started the game, I used my old Uppercase Living business cards-- (I have about 1000 left or so) and put the girls current spelling and reading words on them.  I separated them into piles by color/child.  Jocelyn's were written in blue and Katelyn's were black.
 Before they were allowed to move, they had to read their word.  The girls loved this variation...except when they got a word wrong and their turned was skipped...or if they lost...I have a bunch of sore losers on my hands.  Tons of fun...give it a try!

Katelyn reading her word for Chutes & Ladders
Can you tell who is the sore loser...apparently Jocelyn doesn't like to lose to her little sis!
Jocelyn cheating...well to Katelyn's advantage I guess...she is whispering the word in Kate's ear.  I told her she would lose a turn if she did it again. 
Jocelyn reading her word

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