Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I knew this would happen...

There were several reasons why I didn't want to join Pinterest.  The first was that I didn't need anymore ideas spinning around in my head of things that I would like to try.  Trust me...I have a LOT of ideas that are spinning around in my head.  It is just a matter of finding time to try out some of these cool things.  I have found quiet a few recipes on Pinterest that I liked.  I have tried 3 so far and have 2 more slated for this weekend.  There are also a few organizational things that I have tried.  So here is a little recap of how Pinterest has inspired me to try new things:)

1.  Spice clips!

I have quiet a few organizational issue in our kitchen, but one was the cabinet that stores our spices.  I could never see what anything was, so I was constantly pulling out a few bottles before I actually got to the one I was looking for.  There are many things that you can buy to organize spices, however I haven't found anything that would work for our space.  Then I saw a little photo on Pinterest, there was no link attached, so I checked it out on Amazon.  Got it in a few days and whoola!!  Isn't it beautiful!! 
Here is a link on Amazon.  They do occasionally sell out...must be a popular item!

2.  Peanut butter cup brownies

My husband says there is nothing wrong with a plain brownie...he is right...but I saw a yummy picture on Pinterest and had to try it.  We have church potluck every Sunday, so I always have a good excuse for making sweets!  These were snagged up quickly.  You can get the recipe: HERE!

3.  White Chicken Enchiladas

The picture is NOT mine.....the recipe and photographer can be found: HERE.  My husband is not a fan of mush and didn't really like this recipe.  I thought the sauce was decent, but the chicken needed a bit more pizzazz.  I am not good with improvising on I just followed the directions.  Everyone raved about it, but it probably won't be making another appearance at our house anytime soon.

4.  Slow cooker cream cheese chili
I made this at my parents house.  I got busy and forgot to ask everyone what they thought.  I thought it was really good.  We served it with tortillas and bread.  The picture again is NOT mine.  You can find the recipe and photographer:  HERE

5.  Ribbon organizer
 I have quiet a bit of ribbon from various projects and have always been looking for a cool way to organize all of the I saw another picture on HERE.  I think it will work out well even though I am not finished with it yet...still need to cut down a dowl for it.

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  1. I saw the spice rack idea awhile back.. but I don't have the liberty to do so much to the place we live in. I am so itching for a home that we can call our own so I can do so. Our spices are cluttered in our home as well.. been working on finding a better solution, but I need to get charcoal paint first. This can be a blog future post! ;)