Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A easy peasy little game at the park!

Not sure how to spell "peasy", or if it is even a word...but we will go with that.

We have 2 days left of school!! Woo hoo!  It is so nice out that we just want to be outside and make the most of the nice weather!

Yesterday I made up a little scavenger hunt for the girls.  I taped little clues around the park.  Each girl was responsible for reading a clue (their initial was noted) and then they ran around like crazy kids finding the clues.

I should have included Easton some how.   He kept wanting to read the clues, but the girls wanted to read their designated clues...so he got a bit mad during the game.  If we do this again (or something similar), I will have to make picture clues for him.
 But he got a prize in the end...so it was all good! 

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