Thursday, May 10, 2012

My kids had to pay me for their morning snack!

The school year is winding down...I will surprise myself and the kids as to when the last day of school will be.  We just have a few more things that I want to check off of our list and we will be finished.

I am looking forward to the summer...but not looking forward to not having a schedule.  We do pretty well with a schedule.  But we will live.  I plan to spend my summer outside and in the water.  I hope the kids are all for my plan.  I am sure they will be, as all 4 of them love the water.

Katelyn is getting ready to take a unit test in Math and on this test has her adding up money.  I decided that it would be fun to set up a little store with a bunch of little sweets and the kids could buy their not so healthy snack.

This made a great discussion on reasoning.  They started off with 50 cents each.
I then discussed the different options of they could buy 1 little bag of fruit snacks and that would be it.  They could maybe buy a fortune cookie and a few tootsie rolls....etc.  The kids then took turns buying their snack.

 I kept a tally of how much money they had left and then we counted eat after each turn.
All in all I think they did a pretty good job of picking out several different items.

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