Monday, May 7, 2012

The great lemonade and cookie stand!

Last year the girls had their very first lemonade and cookie stand with their little friend E.  We live at the edge of town, with hardly any traffic, so we tied the stand to our garage sale.   I can't remember the exact amount that they, but maybe earned around $20.  Of course by the time we added in what I contributed...cups, napkins, cookies, and lemonade...they technically shouldn't have made anything.  They are of these days I will teach them the REAL way to run a business.  :)

Jocelyn has been begging me ever since to have another stand.  I am not up to having a garage sale, unless we can tie it into a neighborhood sale...and we always seem to busy that very weekend.  My parents neighborhood in Omaha has an HUGE neighborhood sale.  Not very many sales, but a TON of traffic.  They live on the main road that feeds into all of the other this was the perfect opportunity for the kids! 

Jocelyn saw some commercial with a really cool stand on it.  She sketched it out on paper for me.  We then surfed Pinterest and the internet for other ideas.  We measured our little kids table and cut out squares out of some leftover boxes to wrap around the table....I then turned her loose on painting the boxes and dowel rods to hold the sign.  Katelyn also pitched in with the painting and the signage.  I helped them rig up the little paper flag thingy (with pipe cleaners).  All in all, I think they did a really good job...and oh so cute...of course I am a little bias!

The day before we made cookies...lots of them.  We were planning for a big crowd.  I don't do little pitchers of lemonade.  We use a 2 gallon Rubbermaid drink container.  Fill it with ice and lemonade..and there you have it.

We also had a cute little pitcher on the table, so people could easily drop their money into it. 

Notice the sign doesn't have any prices?  I wasn't planning on being physically present for the entire duration of their dad was running the real garage sale...and my mom can't see, so I didn't want the kids to have to worry about making if someone wanted to have a glass of lemonade and cookie, they could give whatever...or nothing.  Most people gave $ more...some less. 

Another key to a successful sale, was to have a sweet little girl like Katelyn...who likes to talk to people...she had a cute little sales pitch when customers came to the sale.  

All in all they made $60 dollars and split.  We split it between the 4 kids.  Of course we probably spent 1/2 of that buying all of the supplies for the lemonade and cookies and paper products.  Oh well...they had fun!

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