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Time and Home Management Tips!

Welcome back to another workshop review from the Nebraska Christian Home Educators Conference.  If you missed my 3 previous posts...after you read this review, click on the title of my blog and you will be able to scroll down to see the others.

Time and Home Management:  Managing Life and Home...While Homeschooling

This workshop was presented by Nancy Bjorkman.  She homeschooled her 4 children for over 18 years and speaks around the country on various homeschooling topics.

Quiet a few of her tips, were common sense...(to me).  Many of her tips I have implemented or would like to.

1.  Comparison is the death of contentment.

Nancy mentioned if you keep comparing your families, yourself, or kids to will NEVER be content or happy with what God has blessed you with.  This is such a hard thing.  I guess I don't get frazzled too much about what others are doing and am pretty content with our little family...but I do sometimes get caught up reading others' blogs or hear stories and think...WOW.  I always have to take a step back and say to myself..."I am content and this is the life that God has chosen for me!".  

2.  Invite husband's to be a part of your world.

We as homeschooling mom's do so much with our kids during the day, sometimes our husbands have no clue what has gone on!  Nancy suggested taping a little weekly schedule where your husband sits at dinner or provide him access to your online calendar.  

I have a chalkboard calender in our laundry room where my husband has his keys and his "man" stuff....have I written on it in over a year..NO.  Ooops! I know my husband would like to know what we are up to, but I am not good with writing things you have read in other is all in my head...but I guess my husband can't read my mind.  I do try to tell him each morning if we are heading somewhere.  I need start writing things down for his benefit. 

3.  Create a priority list

What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?  What is important to your family.  Check!  But I am always adding to this list!

4.  Look at robbers of time.

What robs your time away from your kids when you are homeschooling them or just plain old family time?  Facebook...check...ugh!  E-mail...check...ugh!  My blog...check...ugh!  The phone...sometimes check...ugh!  I am not doing so well.  I need to leave my phones in a different room and not have access to my iPad. 

Are your kids bombarded with outside activities?  Do you have too many leadership roles?  Have you taken on too much?  For what purpose?  Just some questions to think about.  I think we are doing ok with these things that she talked about.  Our kids aren't in any sports...and Lord willing will never be on a team sport again. Evenings and family time on weekends are sacred to us.  I know that is not everyone's priorities, but it is to our little family.

5.  Don't be boxed by curriculum.

Refer to my posts from Sunday-Tuesday.  Think outside the box.  Nancy suggests that you do not have to do every subject every day.  Give credit for non-curriculum learning like volunteering, cooking, household management activities, 4H (or similar outside clubs).  
6.  Your freezer is your friend.

Nancy suggests monthly freezer cooking.  There are various cookbooks out there with recipes and tips on how to do this.  I have tried this, but my husband isn't a fan of mush and casseroles.  If it is a family favorite, I do sometimes double a recipe and freeze so if we have a busy day, I can simply pull it out of the freezer. 

7.  Get rid of the clutter!

It is junk if:  
--it is broken or obsolete--and fixing is unrealistic.
--You've outgrown it, physically and emotionally
--It will shock, bore, or burden the coming generation.

I am guilty of all of those things...I always day we will use no!

8.  Delegation for household cleaning and laundry!

It boggles my mind when I hear that parents are too afraid to ask their kids to help because they are already too busy with other things.   Nancy suggests that you have a 15 minute daily clean sweep.  Have a list with several chores and have the kids choose one each day...silly things that only takes 2 seconds and needs to be done like folding socks or cleaning out the trash can in the bathroom or wiping down a mirror/window.

9.  Trash the junk mail..file everything else.

Why on earth does junk mail make it into the house?  Good question toss it right away.  If you have a magazine...scan through it really quick, rip out all of the interesting articles and put them in a "will read some day" folder.  When you are waiting at an appointment...bring that folder with you.

10.  Rest.

Enough said.

and the last thing to chew on....

See where God is working and join Him...Don't just Do something...STAND THERE.  It is OK to not be busy and doing something at ALL times...just to keep up with the Jones....or to try to win a trophy or a prize.  It is OK.  

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