Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seriously? What was I afraid of?

For a little more than 6 years now, I have been afraid to take my kids on a hike through Pioneer's Park.  We go to the park quiet a bit....we drive by the trails all of the time.  I love hiking.  I know my older kids do as well.  My hang up was that I have always had a little one in a stroller.  I didn't feel that my strollers could easily navigate an unknown hike by myself.  I wasn't sure of the terrain and I was just unsure in general.  So I found a steal of a deal on a jogging stroller on I finally felt confident of tackling the trails...and I am sooooo glad that I did.  We all can't wait to go back.  There were so many hidden treasures along the hike...and I believe there are more that we still need to are a few pictures from our hike! 

We saw quiet a few bullfrogs...these were HUGE...around the size of the kids heads!

He would have rather been out of the stroller...containment is the best for all of us!
Excited to be sooo tall!
There were several caged birds along the is a bald eagle in the background!
He was smiling...but then decided to eat mud....lovely....and this is why he stays in a stroller for the most part.
The kids were excited to dig for a treasure...Jocelyn worked so hard only to discover her treasure was a piece of wood!
He was screaming with excitement!
Hiking along!
This was the 2nd nature center...who would have guessed??!!  Craziness!
Weston checking out the little rugrat...can't remember what kind of animal was in the cage.
The kids doing a little water flow activity
The whole group by one of the ponds

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