Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update on my mom!

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated everyone on how my mom is doing.  I guess no news is good news?  Well yesterday she got some good news and some bad news.

Good news....She met with her eye specialist yesterday and he said that he has noticed an improvement in her both eye's peripheral vision...this means that new brain connections are being made!!

Bad news...I guess I didn't know she had a pinhole of vision in both eyes.  I have been confused this entire time.  Last year, before the stroke, she had met with a retina specialist and found out that she had a pucker in her right eye....which could some day turn into a detached retina .  At that time her Dr. advised her to just wait it out, because the surgery to repair can be risky.  The eye specialist from yesterday told my mom that fluid from the pucker is now covering the pin hole vision in her right eye.  So now she is just down to direct pinhole vision in her left eye.  Confusing...so many eyes to keep track of!  Anyways, she is meeting with her retina specialist tomorrow morning...and might have to have surgery...but is not sure what he will say. 
Her insurance with her school district ends at the end of this month...so if she does have surgery time is ticking. 

Please pray brain connections keep being made.  Pray that her blood pressure can remain under control.  Pray that she can enjoy the summer RV'ing with my dad...and maybe grandkids.  Pray for patience for my dad as he takes my mom to all of her appointments. 

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