Friday, May 18, 2012

Schools out for the summer!

Jocelyn in August of last year & then again in May!  She drew a picture of her new bike and the text says:  "Moving onto 2nd grade!"
Katelyn in August of last year & then again in May!  She drew my parents camper and her sign says:  "Moving onto Kindergarten!"
Easton moving onto his 2nd year in preschool!  What a goofy smile!!
and Weston just along for the ride right now!
 Tear!  I love teaching my little ones...and I am plan to sneak in little learning activities through out the summer.  I will miss the routine every morning and afternoon of "doing" school.  But summer is here and I am ready for that too!

Yesterday we celebrated our last day of school.  The girls were pretty much done with the structured curriculum, so I just quizzed them on pretty much everything we learned over this past semester.  Ok..probably not everything, but the major concepts.  I threw question after question at them and they took turns answering things.  They thought we were playing a game...we weren't, but whatever makes them happy:)

After reviewing everything I worked with Easton on his last two letters Y & Z.  He has been learning to write and learn the phonetics of each letter over the past month.

After "school" was complete we headed into the nearest little town and picked up pizza, pop, and ice cream.
 We also went on a all out manhunt for helium.  We just needed only 4 balloons.  The kids made little notes.  The notes requested that if anyone finds the note, to e-mail me with where it was found.  I ended up buying a helium tank at Wal-mart.

I am thinking the balloons are somewhere hung up in our woods or somewhere in the was so windy and they disappeared so fast...I didn't even get a picture...oh well.

Moving on to summer!!!  Omaha Zoo this afternoon with a long lost friend (yay!!!) and Adventureland in Des Moines tomorrow & dinner with another long lost friend:)!!

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